Winter Woollies

This is what happened at breakfast time this morning!  In all fairness the weather man did predict it but I was sceptical to say the June!  It has been too warm and usually we don't get snow until July or August, if at all.  Anyho, I got a txt at 8.15am from my big kids to say school was shut and please pick them up.  Now, my snow driving skills are not good, even though I drive a 4x4, but I did manage to get home without too much drama.  The emergency dental appointment I have scheduled for mid day could be a whole different kettle of fish!

Today, I am wearing a new jumper made using Vogue 8771.  I originally made this pattern as a tee here.  I had this lovely heavy rib wool jersey knit that I picked up from the op shop here and I had visions of a long hooded cardigan coat but since I had hand knitted a similar cardigan, I was wracking my brain for another option.  I had seen a lot of these over sized jumpers on the streets.  We used to call these sloppy joes, in the late 80's.  It was at this point, I had the bright idea to use this pattern.  I made the version with the curved hem and added cuffs instead of the sleeve extension.  I also added a neck band and hemmed using my cover stitch machine.  This is now my new favourite winter jumper.

One I prepared Earlier!


  1. Wow. Snow. Winter really is here. I love the way you've used the pattern - such a different look to the t-shirt top and it looks so cosy and warm.


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