Have You Ever....

loved the fit and style of a pattern so much that you are compelled to make more?

That is exactly how I feel about Vogue 1247.  The fit is luxuriously spot on, it is very practical to wear and is easy to make up.  I love the little pockets at the front, more for looks than practicality but the piecing also means that it is possible to make this pattern up out of remnants, which is exactly what this fabric is.  As in my last version which I wrote about here, I added quite a bit to the length.  I can't remember exactly how much because I have since drafted this pattern  to a custom fit for my shape i.e size 10 in the waist and size 12 in the hips, plus added the perfect amount of length to sit just above my knees.  The fabric is a beautiful wool suiting in charcoal grey with a fine black pinstripe, flanking a slightly larger red pinstripe.  This wool suiting is beautiful quality and was lovely to work with.  There was just the perfect amount to make this skirt with and virtually nothing left over.  It was part of my op shop fabric haul with I wrote about here.  The piece cost me all of $2 which just adds to the satisfaction value of this skirt. I then added a lining made out of some satin lining from my stash to avoid that itch that wool often comes with, so the total cost of this skirt came to exactly $2, less than a bottle of milk!

 Now, you may think that wool suiting would not be the most easy care fabric but, I beg to differ.  I know, the experts would tell us that wool suiting is dry clean only, but horror of horrors, I throw it in the washing machine on a warm wash and it comes out like new.  Because this is op shop fabric, I like to warm wash it before I make it up, to remove that second hand shop smell things can often get and also to ensure it shrinks before I make it up (unlike my jeans disaster which I wrote about the other day).  It can then be washed as normal with no adverse side effects.....bargain!


  1. Gorgeous skirt and I agree! This is THE perfect skirt

  2. Great skirt (I throw my woolens in the machine too!) I can't wait to make both the skirt and top after seeing so many inspiring versions.

  3. snap! you know I also have a beautiful piece of op shopped wool pinstriped suiting! I love how you used yours. I agree about wool's practicality - let the dirt dry and brush it off! Lovely skirt.


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