May Wrap Up

Teddy Bear
Fabric $8.00
Pattern free
Total $8.00

Interfacing $8.00
Red Wool $12.00
Pins $3.00
Lining $10.00
Buttons $10.75
Grey Wool $8.00
Pattern $6.00
Total $57.75

Green Jeans
Fabric $16.00
Zip $4.00
Pattern Used Before
Total $20.00

Red Jeans
Fabric $18.00
Zip $4.00
Pattern Used Before
Total $22.00

Stripe Tee
Fabric $20.00
Pattern Used Before
Total $20.00

Ponti Pants
Fabric $16.00
Elastic From Stash
Pattern Used Before
Total $16.00

Grey Cardigan
Wool $80.00
Pattern $7.00
Buttons $10.00
Total $97.00

May Total $240.75


  1. Your grey cardi is just fabulous - I'm so very impressed with your beautiful knitting. I'm sure it's something you'll love for years.

  2. I agree with you about the whole leggings thing - they can just look terrible if not done right - your new slim leg pants look very stylish ( and you have slim legs to match !)
    And I see you are a great knitter as well !


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