No Birds Were Harmed In The Making Of This....

I was in Lincraft the other week and came across a tv promoting the most intriguing yarn I have seen in a long time.  I stood and watched the entire advertorial and promptly walked out with a ball of said Elecia ruffle yarn. 

By the time I was ready to make up the yarn into my new scarf however, I had forgotten the finer details on the video of actually how to do it.  What luck though, for absent minded people like me, the instructions are written inside the paper tag covering the ball.

This was an extremely quick make, with only 5 stitches per row but it does take a little concentration when knitting to make sure that you are knitting the correct loops and whatever you do, don't drop a stitch like I did because it is almost impossible to find again.

I am not sure why, but the end result reminds me a little of a feather boa.  I wouldn't exactly say it is the warmest scarf to wear with it's fishnet qualities but for decorative value and colour alone, I think it is a winner.


  1. Ooh - your scarf is really cool!

    I saw someone knitting something like this on the train a few weeks ago and it was just mesmerising to watch the scarf twisting and taking shape.


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