Another frosty morning this morning turned the footpaths on our way to school this morning into a skating rink. My fantastic 7 year old photographer took this photo this morning before we left for school. When he saw I was wearing something different today he said "wait I will get the camera and take your photo" I asked him whether I should wear black or brown boots and he suggested that since I was wearing a brown belt, that brown would look best....I think I have created a monster! Today I am dressing for a low of -1 deg and a high of 14 deg c, although when this photo was taken we had reached the dizzying heights of 1.6deg c. Hence after this photo was taken, I grabbed a puffer jacket for the walk to school.
Today I am wearing a wool blend knit tunic mad using a Simplicity pattern I think, but I can't say which one because I must have lent it to someone. I have turned my sewing stash upside down and it eludes me at present which is most annoying. This was made last winter but I have rather tired of it so it doesn't see the light of day much anymore. I have teamed it today with a white merino skivvy made of a remnant from my stash and which I drafted off a store bought one. I dug out the tunic today because I am partway through a new project using the leftovers from this tunic and the boiled wool vest I photographed last week. Watch this space....


  1. It's pretty depressing to lose a pattern...
    and I'm impressed that you can buy merino fabric. I so wish I could get my hands on this sort of thing... I like your layered outfit, looks cosy and toasty warm!

  2. In Christhchurch there is a fantastic fabric shop, that escaped the earthquake thankfully, called Fabric Vision, that stocks a really nice range of merino. I guess there is a little more demand for it here than in your neck of the woods.


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