As promised.....
I have posted a photo of the ugly suit. I have had this sitting around for the last month and it has been a slow process due to the fabric being so horrible to work with. It is mustard coloured and made of upholstery fabric. It was really hard to get motivated on this one but it is done and finally out of my hair.
Also this week, I finally had a clean out of my two large scraps bins which were taking up space. I managed, by having a throw out, to condense it down to one and a bit bins. I had some left over PUL from my nappy making business days and decided to use it up on dolls nappies. This used to be my daughters project. She used to make and sell them for pocket money but lost interest so I made some up myself.
The rest of this week has been spent on catch up jobs. This is the last week of a very long term for my kids so for the next couple of weeks, I will not get much sewing done at all. My husband is also on holiday next week so we will be having some family time.


  1. Nappies for dolls; very enterprising! And actually, that suit doesn't look ugly at all, but on the contrary quite smart!
    Thank you for your comment on the twist top; but ahh, the deceptive simplicity of Japanese patterns strikes again... Yes it is a very simple top to run up, and the bulk of my time here was in drafting out that pattern piece. But, like most of those Japanese patterns there is a twist, and not just in the top; there is just one pattern piece, with the front on the grainline (well, sort of, with that shape!) and the back on the bias. So unfortunately it would probably be disastrous in a striped fabric...
    In regards to the Donna Karan pattern, that is a dress and not a top, and again it is a fairly complex pattern and would not be easy to turn into a top. The skirt backs are actually part of that draped top. This however, I have made up in a stripe, and it turned out OK... if you want to see my version in a stripe it is here
    along with my pattern review. Just saying, it is rated "advanced" too, and is not a simple project.

  2. Oh, and in case you are interested, that skirt in today's post is one pattern piece too!


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