The Icing On The Quake........
As predicted it snowed last night. It began at dusk and continued all night. This morning we awoke to 16cm of snow which is the most snow we have had in 20 years. It is fantastic soft dry powder snow as well which my kids have never seen. We usually get that horrible wet snow that the kids get wet in in about 5 minutes and I spend the rest of the day drying their clothes. Today both boys are wearing waterproof trousers made of goretex I picked up in bulk a few years ago. They don't come out often but boy were they a lifesaver today. The kids were out playing at 7am this morning and still haven't all made it inside. What fun to be had boogie boarding down the hills in the park with their mates and building a snow man and igloo with Dad. Paid work has been put on hold today due to the weather conditions and dangers on the road. It is pretty but very cold. I spent most of the day watching from the warmth of indoors but did venture out for a walk to the park and a snowball fight in the back yard and of course to be official photographer.


  1. Wow, snow! How exciting! Needless to say it has never snowed here where I live in the history of time...

  2. It is not a common site here either. We usually get a dusting every 2-3 years but this one is the biggest in decades and I have never seen powder snow outside a ski field before.


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