Yesterday my dad turned 70 so rather than indulging my creative side, my mum and dad, sister, neice and daughter went out for lunch. My father isn't one for a fuss so lunch out was the perfect way for him to celebrate 70 years.
I was asked yesterday to show the back of the vest I made out of leftovers, so here it is. I didn't have time for my son to photograph me this morning because our fur child, Zero, was due at the vet early for a kidney stone operation.
I am starting to think about my next project. I still have some winter fabric I have picked up in my travels but at this stage I am lacking in inspiration. With the weather being unseasonably warm, I am wondering if perhaps spring this year may come early. In this neck of the woods spring can often come in August which is only a few weeks away. Other than a few frosty mornings winter has not really arrived yet so perhaps this year we may be lucky which is very good news for those poor people in our city who have homes that are badly damaged from all of our earthquakes.
I thought I might have a go at this Vogue jeans pattern by alice + olivia. I think I will try this out in some cotton duck first because I lay the pattern on my favourite pants and the fit is quite different. I like the way these pants sit below the waist as this is how I prefer my pants but not so low as to encourage muffin top which I detest with a passion. When I opened up the pattern though I note that there is a seam half way down the leg which is very odd and something I can't see myself doing. I like the pair with a wide shaped waist band as I have a store bought pair like this and they are very flattering to wear.


  1. Thank you! I hope you had a nice lunch...
    A seam in the middle of the leg does sound weird... and I can't see it on the pattern envelope photos either!


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