What goes around comes around......
I made this jersey well before my daughter was born, probably in the early 90's. Most of my earlier knitting projects have been upcycled but because of the detail and work that went into this one, I just couldn't bear to pull it to bits. It is made of 100% wool crepe and extremely warm. I have dressed it up with a scarf knitted also by me in feathers. My 7 year old and I rushed outside this morning to take this photo in the garden before he went to school (he is the last one to leave). It is so cold here this morning -2deg c, you can see the frost on the ground. I made the mistake of leaving my boots outside last night so my toes are freezing here. We took one photo and rushed inside to get puffa jackets and gloves and some warm boots to walk to school
Today my oldest son is playing his second football game for his school. On Saturdays he plays club rugby but because his school doesn't have a rugby team this year, he thought he would give soccer (my kids growl at me for calling it that, it should be football) a go. He isn't bad, because he is a natural sportsman but it certainly is funny watching him attempt a completely different game. This afternoon, when the day warms up a little, me and my 90's jersey will be watching him play soccer/football. I imagine it will be side splittingly funny like his first game. Please don't think I am a bad mother because actually I am laughing with him and not at him!


  1. Beautiful knitting... please don't ever unravel this one!
    My son plays soccer (yes, we still call it soccer too) and I love to watch him play as well. I guess your rugby player must find it hard to keep from wanting to grab the ball...!
    "Football" is the name given to an entirely different game here

  2. With kids in tow I don't know whether I would now either have the time of attention span to complete a pattern quite as detailed, which is why I keep this!

    I commented to my sons coach that instead of headering the ball he would probably try to catch it but we would have more to worry about if he tried to tackle the opposition, i.e around the waist and drag him to the ground!


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