Remember yesterday, when I said I had a project made with the leftovers of yesterdays tunic and last weeks boiled wool vest? Well, here it is! I have had this piece of fabric sitting on my sewing table waiting for inspiration for about a month. Over the weekend I had a lightbulb moment and another vest was born. I didn't have enough of the beige boucle to make the vest long enough so added a strip of black boiled wool to the bottom. For a more casual look I added a hood but because I didn't have quite enough fabric for the hood, I added a strip of the black wool down the back of the hood. I added the zip to tie the black wool to the boucle and top stitched it on instead of setting it in for a change. The zip was rescued from an old vest that had been tossed out and just happened to be the perfect fit for the vest. I couldn't find a suitable pattern for the vest so this is a self draft based on the shape of the boiled wool vest which I love. I am rather pleased with the end result. I now have a space in my lefovers pile and best of all it cost me nothing.....can't ask for better than that!


  1. Nothing like reducing the leftovers pile to make you feel good, and your new vest is just lovely, so you have double the reason to feel proud! I love the exposed zip down the front!
    And I would like to see a view of the hood at the back too...


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