How was your weekend?
Saturday as usual involved the usual round of rugby and soccer in the morning, a little sewing in the afternoon followed by some serious Crusaders versus Reds rugby on Saturday night. On Sunday I managed to fit in a walk in the sun, a little baking with my youngest and finally finished the ugly suit...yah! The ugly suit is a hideous costume I have made for my sons schools production. It is made of furnishing fabric and frayed like you wouldn't believe. I will try to get a photo of it tomorrow before it is out of my hair for good. I also finished a dice that my teenage daughter requested for her room. What she intends to do with it I have no idea but I suspect someone else has already claimed it!
Today I had my son's parent teacher interviews and wore my new top. I have a love hate relationship with this pattern. It is the same pattern I used for the dress last month. Because the neck was a little revealing for my liking I added 4cm to the width of the neck and reduced the bodice length by 1.5cm because I felt it sat a little low. I also took 1.5cm out at the back neck because the neck opening was a little wide and added a little to the hips to make it a little less fitting. To add a little detail I ran a strip of elastic up each sleeve on the inside for a gathered look. The only thing I am a little disappointed in is the fabric which I think might pull badly.


  1. it looks like that pattern is working really well for you!
    In answer to your query; the outfits I made are both from TopKids patterns. Cassie's outfit in the first picture, that Mum made was I think a Simplicity pattern, and Tim's outfit in the second picture, that Craig's Mum made, was probably either drafted by her, or came in one of those stretch sewing instruction books that came equipped with some basic patterns, back in the 90's.


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