Chair Up......
When I was looking for the perfect reading/tv watching chair for the corner of my bedroom I went through a phase of buying and upcycling them. Finding the perfect comfortable and stylish bedroom chair actually is more difficult than it sounds. The first chair was a horrid rusted up 1960s vinyl lip chair that with a can of spray paint and some gorgeous fabric turned from trash to treasure. I loved the look of this chair but sadly it was too small and not comfortable enough for the space. I then stumbled upon an estate sale and for $30 picked up some also 1960's Don style chairs. These just needed some funky fabric and a coat of polyurethane. I don't have a before photo but the fabric was hideous and they had greasy head marks on them....yuk. While these chairs looked stunning when finished and because they reclined were really comfortable, I still felt that were not quite right for the space, perhaps a little too eclectic for our space, so I sold these on as well. The last chair I bought was a wing chair with fantastic lines but loose covered in a hideous pink linen which I detested. Armed with my unpicker, I pulled the loose cover apart and used it for the pattern for the new cover which is a beige and white textured upholstery fabric. The best thing about the cover is, if I get sick of it or it gets dirty I just whip it off and put a new one on. Since then I have also slip covered a reading chair for my daughters room and now have my blogging chair to slip cover as well. Watch this space.....


  1. They look terrific! Very "now"!

  2. Thank you for your comment! You would need 80cm to cut a tie piece on the bias, sorry. I have the specs on my pattern, which is a pdf file free to download, the link to which is posted on my blog.

  3. Click on "print pattern at home" to get the full pdf...


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