I have had an obsession lately with pencil skirts.  I hadn't made one in a long time.  I tend to favour a line skirts because they are less tight and don't require a split at the back which I find annoying.  I came across New Look 6345 online and decided that it looked to be a fantastic option.  To make the skirt more practical I bought some fabric with some lycra content to it.  As it turns out quite a bit of lycra content.  I cut the skirt to a size 12 as that was what the measurements on the packet indicated but as soon as I laid the pieces out I new I would be altering it.  I cut out view A but added the pocket detail of view C for interest.  I ended up recutting to a size 10 before making the skirt up and although it is really a simple skirt to make I actually had to run it in several times before I was happy with the fit.  This was quite a frustrating process because it also mean't unpulling the yoke as it was added last to the front and back of the skirt.  I couldn't sew it at night because being black and with the pinstripes it was impossible to sew my stitching in the night light.  In the end I probably ended up with something resembling a 6 in the waist and a 10 in the hips.  I intend to make this skirt again and already have the fabric to do it in.  Next time I may get brave and add some piping detail.

Please excuse my photos today.  I didn't want to wait around until my daughter returned from school to take photos so was experimenting with the timer on my camera.  There are two bonuses with blogging about sewing, one is I have learn't a lot about my camera that I didn't know before and the second is I actually can see where the deficiancies in my wardrobe are.


  1. A very nice new skirt!
    Your last sentence made me smile, both of these are early lessons I took away from blogging too. I also learnt a lot about my posture, and that my rear view WAS important too!


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