From Trash To Treasure.....

This is a tale of two tops.  Since last summer I have admired these beautiful floaty apron tops on women in the streets.  I hadn't actually seen one in a retail store which isn't surprising really since I have been avoiding the malls like the plague since last Septembers earthquake.  I spied a rtw one in a local boutique at the end of last summer and like all good dressmakers, went over it with a fine tooth comb to see how it was constructed.  When I saw a pattern on Trademe for just this top, that was it, I was making one.  I chose a beautiful floaty saturn and made it up.  Boy was I disappointed.  It didn't meet in the middle at the back and I felt like a sack of spuds tied in the middle.  I threw it on my sewing table in disgust.  It was gone but not forgotten! 

Once my frustration had worn off, a couple of months had gone by and I realised that this fabric was too lovely to waste.  I decided that a blousey peasant top would look nice in this fabric for spring.  Fortunately, I had bought too much fabric for my previous top so had plenty left over to use for Simplicicy 4589, a pattern that had been bought but not yet used.

I extended the sleeves to make a long sleeve version and added 15cm to the length of the top with the intention of adding and elastic waist.  After trying the top on however I liked the look of a tunic style as well so just rescued the belt off the disaster top for a variation.

This tale doesn't end there.  When I do buy rtw clothing, like all dressmakers, I am quite partial to quality and therefore stare clear of cheap mass produced clothing where possible and tend to buy quality boutique clothing.  Unfortunately, also being a dressmaker, I don't like the price you need to pay to get the quality.  I therefore quite regularly visit the vintage clothing stores in pursuit of the designer bargains.  A couple of weeks ago I came across a pair of Principals Designs pants that had hardly been worn.  They were a bootleg style and unfortunately a tad too short so I originally decided to cut them down for shorts.  When I got them home I figured that because they had really long hems I may get away with letting them down.  I am more of a fan of skinny jeans as well so they went from this.......

After a little sewing, and a spin through the washing machine with some detol (I am a little germ phobic when it comes to anything preloved), I ended up with the stylie pair of skinny pants I am wearing above.


  1. What a pity your apron top didn't work out, but well done recycling that lovely satin, and the peasant top is very pretty! And having the sleeves will be useful since spring can still be quite cool...

  2. Thats for sure! Spring in these parts can mean anything from sundresses to puffa jackets.


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