I have been working on a project this week utilising the growing pile of cotton lycra tee shirts that are in really good condition but sadly to small for the wearer and some gorgeous fold over elastic that I bought through the American fabric co-ops when I had my nappy making business. I looked at the pile of colourful creations that I was so excited about blogging about and was promptly vetoed by a member of the household who shall remain nameless...sigh! Never mind, I shall respect their privacy and move on...
I couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to purchase two very large bags of upholstery fabric ends and samples for cushion making at $5 per bag. I have been looking at them and playing with them periodically ever since, trying to come up with colour combinations for cushions as usually there is not enough fabric for more than one complete cushion. My own cushions were looking a little sad after being thrown around the floor, jumped on, slept on, had popcorn fingers all over....you get my drift! So one cold wet afternoon I whipped up these cushions. My inners needed attention as well so enter the remnants bin, some shredding of old inners and roping one of my sons in to stuff the new inners and hey presto we have some cushions suitable to grace my living spaces.


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