They're Here....They're Here!
The eagerly awaited patterns have arrived. The neighbours can stop thinking my letter box watching is actually spying! I can't wait to start. My first project is to be the jeans. I need a new pair for spring. I fancy some skinny's with cargo pockets on the side to wear with ballet flats and the Jalie tops above. I have bought some fantastic black, light weight, stretch denim for the job. I did fancy grey but couldn't find any I liked in the shop and this black was cheap at $8 per metre so perfect for trial pants. I have a couple of projects on the go first, which I am itching to finish....can't leave a job unfinished because I am always reluctant to go back to it. I am also debating how to go about tracing off the pattern. I can't bear to cut the original so have a couple of options. Firstly I could photocopy the original and cut this out or secondly, I have some frost cloth that is still in the packet and I have been told this makes good durable patterns. I have also been told that Spotlight sells clear table cloth by the roll which would make the job super easy but possibly a little more difficult to store. Also after another expensive trip to the fabric shop yesterday to pick up one small item I am reluctant to visit again for fear of having to sell an organ to pay for it all, so trying to stay away for the forseeable future.


  1. Very nice haul! I particularly like that Simplicity jacket pattern with the gathered patch pockets at the front, tres cool!

  2. I like the jacket too. I bought it online because it is part of the autumn collection which isn't on sale in the southern hemisphere yet and I thought it would make a nice lightweight rain coat for the summer months.


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