I'm Over My Winter Clothes....
Usually at this stage of winter, I am over my winter clothes and looking forward to the change in seasons and this year is no different. The blouse I am wearing today, I made last winter using Simplicity 2756. It is made of gorgette and while I am happy with the way it looks on, I was not so happy with it's construction. I added elastic to the hip section because it was too wide and hung a little like a sack. I have had to repair it because the fabric frayed and pulled away at the neck line. I wouldn't be in a big hurry to use this fabric again but I do like the print. It has a little of a hippy vibe but I also liked how the tartan was on trend without me having to look like a cowboy. Because the mornings are still crisp, I am wearing it today with a chocolate coloured merino polo neck that I picked up yesterday at a charity shop.


  1. That is a nice print, and should work well as we get warmer weather soon :)


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