Waiting For the Mail!


My Patterns have yet to arrive from the States so while I wait....patiently or not, I am trying to clear out my "what do I do with this" fabric stash. When my oldest son was small I got rather carried away buying suitable fabric for overalls and shorts. At 12, I can't see him wearing bold stripes or checks in cotton drill, so it is time to think out of the box...or pack the fabric away for one day in the distant future when I can sew for grandchildren! Not being that much of a hoarder or very patient, I need a use for those fabrics now. I have a rather shabby pile of eco shopping bags in the back of my car that I have collected from the supermarket and other freebe places and they are neither stylish and some not even practical. I decided that my expensive groceries and other shopping needed something a little more stylish to be carried around in. I now have a stylish shopping tote and a gap in my cupboard...bonus!


  1. Very stylish, and it does make you feel good to have a new gap in the fabric cupboard, doesn't it! This is a beautiful bag, and a gorgeous colour.


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