I have finished version one of the Jalie jeans and I have to say, I love this pattern!  I bought some black stretch denim with a fine white stripe while I was waiting for the pattern to arrive in the mail.  I bought 2.5m which turned out to be double what I needed so actually I have enough to make a second pair.  I wasn't sure whether to make size S or T based on my measurements and ended up making size T.  The fabric I chose didn't have quite the required 20% stretch so I am glad I did because although they fit perfectly they do have movement and are therefore very comfortable.  The only alterations I made to the pattern apart from turning them from bootcut to skinny was to make alterations for my sway back and also to run the waistband down the grain instead of across like the pattern states.  I have read reviews saying that the across the grain waistband is difficult to get to sit nicely and since all of my rtw jeans are cut down the grain I thought this would be the safest option.  I also added cargo pockets to the legs because I have seen a lot of these worn lately and fancied a pair.  I am so pleased with the results I have bought two more pieces of fabric to make more jeans.  In the first picture I am wearing the jeans with a merino cardigan made using Simplicity 2603 another favourite in my wardrobe.


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