I have been spending a bit of time out in my garden of late, cleaning up after the ravages of winter and there are definite signs of spring. My roses are budding up, my fruit trees threatening to break out into blossom and the daffodils are smiling at the sun.
Last week I visited my favourite fabric shop on the premis of buying some dacron to cover yet another chair, and a couple of zips for more cushion covers and came out with far more than I bargained for which is really no surprise. The colours of spring in the shop sucked me in. I ended up with a few new pieces of cotton and four new patterns. One of those patterns was for pyjamas. My spring/summer pyjama collection is really not much more than a sad collection of well used and washed out rags and every year I promise to replace them. I trawl the shops in vain looking for a nice pair of pyjamas and ultimately come home empty handed. This year it is time to try a different approach. I whipped up these pyjamas over the weekend using my new Simplicity 3696 and some cotton interlock that my mother gave me from her collection, a couple of years ago. I am now feeling a little smug because not only do I have some nice new pyjamas for the new season, they only cost me $4 for the pattern on sale. I am so pleased with the results, I spent some time today, digging through my stash and washing up some more fabric for another pair. I made up a small, even though my measurements dictated a medium and am really pleased with the fit of the top but the trousers are a little on the large side and I had to run in the calves quite a bit. I have also made these 3/4 length rather than full length. I can see this pattern getting a lot of use.


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