As I was walking my son to school this morning, the birds were singing and the sun was warm on my face.  It was difficult to believe, as I passed the park, that we skied there only last week. This morning the grass was green and the council had the irrigation going.  The days have warmed up considerably and it seems to be time to pack up the winter woollies and dig out some lighter layers.  

The top that I am wearing today started life as a dress.  Unfortunately I didn't prewash the fabric before making up the dress so after it's first wash the dress became a mini dress.  I am not a minidress wearer, so I cut the bottom off and it from then on became a top.  The pattern I used was McCalls M6120 which I have used on quite a few occasions.  I like the style but unfortunately I found the fit to be somewhat off so it requires quite some altering to achieve the perfect fit.  Because the days are now warm (18-20 deg C) but not tropical and the mornings are still cool, I am wearing it today with a rtw long sleeve tee shirt and my new Jalie jeans which I blogged about a few days ago.   The warmer days also mean't my boots, which I wore yesterday and actually overheat in at this time of the year, have been discarded in favour of my new ballet flats.  
Incidently, the ugly suit I blogged about the other month, had it's inaugural wearing last night as it was opening night of the school production.  I only saw the last 10 minutes when I picked my son up, as we have tickets for tonight, but what I saw was fantastic.  The ugly suit looks great on stage and my son was outstanding in one of the lead roles .....but then, I am a little biased!


  1. A very nice top; in a pretty spring-y colour. Your dog appears to be glowing! :)
    And isn't the warmer weather sooo welcome, or what?!

  2. I think I need more springy colours as my wardrobe appears to be very black!

    My faithful companion doesn't let me get too far out of sight during the day. Here she just happened to be in the right spot when the timer went off.


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