Stripes and Spots...

You may remember a few months back, I had a splurge on online patterns.  I was particularly impressed with Jalie Jeans which I am wearing in the form of cargo pants above.  Well, this weekend I finally got round to making Jalie 2806 which was also part of my large pattern haul.  I thought I would try it out on some bargain knit fabric that I picked up for $3 per metre.  I commented a few days ago that my wardrobe lacked colour so this fabric certainly livens things up a bit.  I made up size T which is the same size as the jeans and I have to say the sizing is spot on.  This is a very versatile pattern and as I wear a lot of tees in the warmer months I can see this pattern getting a lot of use.  My daughter now has her eye on some striped knit in my stash and requested I make her one next.    As the fabric she has chosen is also red, I will do this before I change the thread in my overlocker as this is one of my pet hates with my commercial machine. 

My youngest is home from school this week with chicken pox so I could be a little over red by the end of the week.   It's a good thing really that I am sewing stripes and not spots!


  1. That is a cute new top, a lovely stripe in great colours. I hope your son is feeling better soon.

  2. I also loathe changing the thread on my overlocker! I'm supposed to be sewing now but I'm putting off changing the thread.

    Love the top. Love the stripes. I'm terrible at sewing knit fabric. It always looks really amateurish when I try.

  3. Hi Lily, thank you for commenting. I love working with knit fabrics but they can have their frustrations. Having an industrial overlocker certainly makes life easier but I have found the more I work with them the easier they become. I particularly like cotton lycras because they are heavier and more stable and tend to stay away from more lightweight knits. At the moment I am really wanting a coverstitch machine because I am very picky over wobbly hems and topstitching.

    Thanks Carolyn, I hope my son is feeling better soon too...I sense it won't be over for quite some time though as my big kids have amazingly never sucumbed to chicken pox either!


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