Seeing Spots....

With the spotty child returning to school this week, I have taken the opportunity to catch up on a few jobs that I did not get time to do with a sick child in the house.  I am well aware that next week one of my other kids will probably be home with the same affliction so ticking off a few things on my to do list is a must. 

Sewing has been shelved to some degree for this reason and also because I am still awaiting the arrival of my cover stitch machine.  I have been using this time to do a little research into what I need in the way of feet.  I have discovered that I will need a binder and have been looking into where is the best place to source these from.  I have read that generic and cheaper binders can be bought from ebay but I really need to know exactly what to buy first.

While I wait for my cover stitch machine I did manage to whip up another tote bag using some upholstery samples I had here.    I really think I have seen one too many spots in the last week!


  1. Love those fabrics, they look like they were made to go together


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