I love this time of the year.  The colours of nature are so vibrant and everything looks green and lush.  Unlike summer in these parts where everything tends to get brown and dry.  The photos above have been taken in my garden.  It is very much a spring garden and unfortunately it doesn't stay this colourful for long.  As soon as the hot northwest winds blow through that is the end of the blossom and often the rhodos and camelias as well. 

Even when the fickle spring weather turns cold and wet, spring is never far from my mind with views out the window like this,
and this!

Spring to me also signals the beginning of salad season.   There is nothing better at this time of the year than to crank up the barbeque and pick some fresh salad greens  for a meal outdoors. 

I have been spending my time lately getting my garden ready for outdoor living season, planting seeds, fertilising  and pulling weeds.  My salads below are coming along nicely as is the weather to enjoy them. 

Whatever the weather is doing where you are, have a great weekend!


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