So yesterday was my birthday....

My daughter made me and my husband who was having a birthday as well, this decadent chocolate cake.  The kids went shopping and bought me a present without any involvement from my husband and I.  You really appreciate how quickly they are growing up when they begin to take charge and do things without parental involvement.  I spent the day in my jeans, tee and jandals.  I drank coffee and read magazines, did a bit of sewing and let the house go to rack and ruin for the day.  The spotty one is still spotty so we are still in quarantine which mean't no fancy meals out but actually I didn't mind a bit. 

Today though, all of those jobs I ignored yesterday are waiting for me, as is the rest of the chocolate cake in the it time for coffee yet?

P.S. I have just reread this post after publishing it and somewhere along the way a paragraph disappeared into cyberspace, bummer!  Anyho,  the above shows what the postperson delivered to me yesterday...a present from me to me!


  1. Happy birthday Andrea! I'm glad you had a happy relaxing day, and that there is still chocolate cake left over... Bonus!


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