A Walk On The Wild Side.....

or more accurately a walk down to the shop to pick up some milk in my new animal print tee.  The only wild animals you see around these parts are in the local wildlife park and my two older kids are so spotty with chicken pox at the moment, I just might just loose them in the wildlife there.

The pattern I used for this tee is New Look 6648 and I must say, I am very impressed.  I am seeing this type of tee everywhere at the moment.   I finally got to use my new coverstitch machine on this one which actually slowed the process of making the tee down because I hadn't a clue what I was doing, but it was good practice. I made the view that the model is wearing and the only change I made to the pattern is, instead of gathering the band I stretched on some very narrow elastic because I was a little concerned that the gathering stitch might break because of the knit fabric.  This was most successful so I think next time I will do the same thing.  I am quite keen now to have a go at the other 3 views in the pattern and will make the same view again, although next time I think I will make the armhole and neck slightly smaller for practicality reasons.  I really need to wear a camisole underneath because the armhole gapes a bit but it looks and feels great on.


  1. Hehe, your opening line made me smile! yup, a walk down to the corner store is often about as wild as our lives get nowadays :)
    You new Tshirt looks fab, and the print is fun. It's wonderful that you are getting good results with your new machine!!


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