Today was one of those days, that there didn't seem to be enough hours in.  I had a list as long as my arm to accomplish.  I had to bake for an office shout for tomorrow, get groceries, washing, squeeze in some home administration, play taxi to my daughter, finish a tee also for my daughter and all the while nursing a still sick spotty child for whom the novelty of not going to school is wearing off rapidly.  The poor child missed a swimming lesson today as well as the birthday party of a close friend.  By this evening he was feeling very sorry for himself indeed which made it all the more amazing that I achieved everything I set out to today. 

Since I was forced into relative solitude today, my clothing is suitably casual.  I am wearing the yoga pants I blogged about here and a cotton lycra baby pink and black batwing tee that I self drafted and  made last year.  It is a little less casual than a regular tee so does double duty with skirts, trackies, shorts and jeans alike.  

My backdrop today is a plum tree in my back yard that broke into blossom this morning.  I hope the wind stays away so that I can enjoy it for a few days.

The red and grey striped tee above is the one I managed to squeeze into my hectic schedule today and another Jalie tee using the same pattern as yesterday.  This is the tee I promised my daughter.  She is really pleased with it but could not be co-ersed into posing for the camera in it...oh well...that is teenagers for you!


  1. Hmmm, if I make my kids something it is a non-negotiable requirement that they pose in it. Since I started my blog, anyway. I must be a mean mum.


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