Asymmetrical Skirt

This skirt is a couple of years old now but still has it's uses on spring days that come with a biting easterly wind. 

I used Burda 8281 for the pattern and spliced it so I could use the natural shagginess of the fabric selvedge as a decorative element along the hem.  Today I am wearing the skirt with a Max leather/elastic belt, Logan checked shirt, Kathmandu long sleeve tee and leather boots by Grace Hill for Ezibuy.  It may look a little wintery for a spring day but rest assured I have ditched the tights and everything resembling wool so yes, this is a spring incarnation of a winter outfit.


  1. I think this is the nicest outfit I've seen you in so far! This ensemble looks just lovely!

  2. Thank you, the skirt came with a tie belt which really annoyed me and I think the elastic belt just sits soo much better. I am trying to think outside the box when putting my clothing together these days.


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