Garment Bling

It is another slow week on the sewing front.  You see I don't have the place to myself this week.  I have my older two kids home with chicken pox now.  Fortunately once this week is over, so should chicken pox in my house be forever.  My older son is quite sick, a lot more so than his younger brother and my daughter has just come down with it as well.  Because they are older they look after themselves but I have really had enough of the Disney Chanel to last me a lifetime.  I will have to make a pharmacy run later on this morning to stock up on panadol and throaties but other than that they really aren't too much trouble.

The tunic dress above was made using Simplicity 3842.  The attached camisole is a bit on the plunging side for my liking so I am wearing it here with another camisole underneath.  The fabric is a charcoal grey synthetic knit with a sparkly print.  I usually stay away from sparkly fabrics as I really am not a blingy person but this fabric was given to me by my mother so just had to be made up.  Now all I need is some weather to wear it!

My cover stitch machine arrived yesterday.  I got it out of it's packaging but as yet haven't had a chance to play.  I really want to complete my current project first as I fear if I put it aside it may get consigned to ufo status and we can't have that can we!


  1. Very nice, and should be good for spring and summer. I love the colour.


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