Resisting The Urge....

On Friday I was really naughty and bought myself a new machine.  This is my new baby:

I sew a lot of knits so convinced myself that my garments would look so much more professional with the addition of a coverstitch machine.  I hope I am correct.  Anyho, it hasn't arrived yet so I am resisting the urge to make anymore knits until it does arrive. 

The last two weekends have been spent on spring cleanup in the garden.  It is hard and dirty work so high fashion is shelved in favour of casual attire.

The pants I am wearing above are denim and were originally in a gaucho style.  Rather than throw them out, as they were nearly new, I ran the legs in and turned them into a slim fit pair of 3/4 jeans.  I tend to wear this style of pants a lot at this time of year because they offer protection from the cold easterly winds while being more spring like.

The top I am wearing was based on a Marilyn Seyb tunic that I love.  The original is made in a loose weave black knit with a knit undertop and reaches mid thigh.  My version above was made using Simplicity 4539.  I used a black and white striped cotton lycra.  On one side I have gathered the side seam with black fold over elastic.  The armholes are also edged with the same black fold over elastic.  It has a cowl neck and is a great trans-seasonal garment worn with either a short sleeve or long sleeve tee.


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