City Shorts

While jeans are my go to outfit in the winter, shorts serve the same purpose in the summer.  I do however feel quite strange turning up to the supermarket or my children's school, showing too much leg, which is where city shorts come in.  I currently have a pair of denim long shorts but these are too warm a lot of the time, so this fabric is perfect. It is a cotton synthetic blend that has much of the some properties and feel as stretch drill.  I picked it up in one of my op shop fabric hauls so actually it's composition will forever remain a mystery. 
 For the pattern I used my go to Jalie jean pattern.  I had intended to add tabs to the bottom of the legs like my favourite rtw city shorts, but realised I had made the legs a little too narrow, oh well, never mind, I like them this way as well.  The only alterations I made to my jean pattern, is I added tab closures to the pocket and a patch type pocket to the front (this is a little hard to see, but unfortunately the photo I took of the front of the pants had an error, darn it). 

Today I am wearing my new shorts with one of my favourite tees made using New Look 6648, which I wrote about here


  1. A nice neutral shade that will be very useful, I'm sure! I've never worn shorts as long as these ones though!

  2. They are sort of cross between shorts and 3/4 pants and come in very useful for trips to the mall, school runs, after school activities, all of those things that you want to be comfortable but not look as though you are visiting the beach!

    Incidently it was 28 deg celcius yesterday, and these shorts were perfect, although I think as the mercury climbs into the 30's they may be a tad too warm.


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