New Look 6648 AGAIN...

Are you sick of this pattern yet?  I am a little sick of blogging about it but certainly not of wearing it.  This time I made the v-neck version.  I made the sleeves shorter on this one but I wish I had made the neck a little smaller because it does rather fall off my shoulders.  The thing I like best about this style, is, it is loose and flappy enough to be cool in the hot weather but also covers enough skin so as not to get burnt.  This is essential in our climate because we have one of the highest skin cancer rates in the world.

Today I am wearing it with shorts I bought in Queensland last autumn and my floppy Billabong hat I also bought in Queensland.  This is the first time I have worn these shorts since I bought them.  After my son's friends had all been swimming and gone home, my son asked me to wear some longer shorts next time.  I was a little surprised and asked why!  Aparently his friends mothers do not wear short shorts.  Now these shorts are not short in the teenage girl sense, I think that is inappropriate for a mother, but mid thigh, really! Also, I didn't parade around school in shorts or the local shopping mall....I was at home.  I did walk over to the local park to drop my other son at football training but that was as far as I ventured.   Should Mum's really be covered up neck to knee?  What do you think?


  1. Fantastic picture!
    I think you should wear whatever length you feel comfortable in. Lots of Mums here wear short shorts during summer but it does get really hot in Perth!

  2. I agree. We get over 30 deg in the summer here to. Probably not quite as hot as Perth because 40 deg is a rareity, but certainly too hot for anything too long. Short shorts have been a trend for teens for a couple of summers now so perhaps it will catch on for Mums soon as well.


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