Summer......In The City

With the mercury hitting the early thirties yesterday, it was time to give my new sundress an airing.  I made it using Simplicity 2642 and a piece of cotton fabric from the op shop that I wrote about here  I really wanted to make the three tiered version but only had enough fabric for the double tiered version.  My solution was to make the double tiered version but to make both tiers longer.  I found I needed to stitch the two fronts of the bodice together because it gaped and also needed to put elastic underneath the bodice at the front because it stuck out a little like a tent giving me no shape.  I am rather pleased with the final result but don't think I would actually use this pattern again in a hurry, simply because I think there must be better patterns out there.


  1. Your dress looks lovely and cool - I must admit I've been looking forward to summer so I'm loving the recent warm weather.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Yes, I am looking forward to some warm weather as well.


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