Every Picture Tells A Story

Today was polling day.  The day where all adult New Zealander's pop into their local primary school or community centre and vote for a new government.  We were no exception.  Since it was such a beautiful day, we also went for a stroll around some new markets, and popped into the local cafe for a quiet drink. 

Usually when I take photos for my blog I set up the tripod, but today, since everyone was home, I asked my daughter to take my photo.  I began walking around the yard looking for just the perfect spot, when my daughter called out "taken it", and this is the result, a 30 second photo shoot. 

I wrote about this blouse here  It was made using Simplicity 4589. 
Today I am wearing the blouse with white cropped pants by Staxs, elasticated belt by Max and sandals by Diana Ferrari.  I think I like the blouse just as much as a summer blouse as I do winter.   


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