In The Deep End

One of the issues with being a dressmaker, is that some of my projects border on being chores and this project was one of those.  I have put off making these because the project was not my most exciting to date.  I have had the fabric sitting there for over a month and rather than put it away, I sat it on my sewing table to guilt me into getting started.  I would much rather get stuck in to my new maxi dress which is just about begging to get made but, no, yesterday, I resisted the maxi temptation in favour of swim trunks for the little grommet.  If I didn't make these soon the poor wee fellow may have a major wardrobe malfunction at the pool and never forgive me.  Because he swims once a week, and in very heated water indoors, the elastin in the swim trunks last next to no time at all.  His swim school insists that he swim in lycra because boardies slow them down, something the grommet will attest to when he has worn them in the past.   Anyway, at $45 per pair, you can understand why I thought I would make something, especially given he is so darned skinny that there really is next to no fabric in these things anyway.  After cutting up his old pair to make a pattern, I was at the point of no return.  The black fabric, I already had, so this project only involved the purchase of the green for contrast.  I have enough fabric left of both to make another pair at a later date.  Because my son has got much taller but no wider since I bought the last shorts, I made these ones both longer in the body and the leg but the same width.  I used my cover stitch for the hem, because I am finally getting the hang of using it.  The cover stitch has so many dials, for a while there it was doing my head in!  I think they have turned out pretty good and best of all they fit....yah!  Now, the proof will be in the pudding, so they say, and we will see how they perform under extreme chlorine conditions.


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