I have serious pattern love...

This dress has been in the planning stages for a while.  I made it using Simplicity 3503 and the same knit fabric I used for this top here  I trimmed it with a very loud polyester knit I found at my local fabric shop.  My family said it was very hippy looking but I didn't let a small thing like that detract from my vision. I made the dress to a size 10 and actually didn't have to alter a thing except the length.   It was extremely quick to make up despite my sewing machine taking a serious disliking to the plain red fabric.  The printed fabric it liked thankfully and so it should of for what this little bit cost me.  I think this may now be one of my favourite summer dresses. It is a little Christmasy looking don't you think!  I am now really keen to try the sleeved version, perhaps for autumn or with shorter sleeves as a tunic over leggings.


  1. Lovely! This will make a really show-stopping Christmas number!
    I enjoyed reading your 7 things in the previous post. Your sewing career sounds identical to my own, except that my business was a small girls' dressmaking business with a friend, that we started when I had to leave my career as an analytical chemist to look after my children (still resentful of that, since nowadays part-time work is available to mums!) Oh dear, I've just realised I haven't posted any pictures of those things yet, and I'd thought I had finished with the old stuff!
    You're right, it is wonderful to have the internet, and to reach out to other dressmakers in this way. I'm like you, and I know virtually no one in my "real life", who sews!

  2. Isn't it! I chose to go back to work 15 years ago, but it had to be full time. I got a hard time for that. Would have been nice to do part time though.

  3. Oh, I love this dress. The brightly colored trim works beautifully with the red. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. That's how I found you! I've scrolled back to look at several of your creations. I love your style. Am looking forward to following along!

  4. Thank you very much for your kind words. I like your style and creations as well. It is so nice to have other bloggers for inspiration.


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