Buy In Haste...Repent At Leisure

After seeing Carolyn's fantastic Vogue V1248 skirt here I had to have one and I knew exactly the fabric I would make it from.  I had seen some gorgeous shirting weight fabric with a fine self stripe on the sale table of my favourite fabric store.  The fabric gods were smiling on me because the fabric was still on the sale table and as an added bonus all Vogue patterns were 50% off, which is quite a big deal when they retail at over $30.00 each.  Before I had a chance to even think about the practicalities of the project, the pattern and fabric were in my car and on the way home.

After my little shopping buzz had worn off, it occurred to me that my fabric was not quite wide enough....oops, and the sheer scale of this skirt may overwhelm my 160cm frame....what to do....what to do!  So, I did nothing.  The fabric and pattern sat on my sewing table and taunted me for the best part of a month before I bit the bullet and cut it out.  My solution was to scale down the whole pattern.  Not a piece remained it's original size.  I also left off the waist tie.  As much as I loved it, I felt that it would just be too much on a small person.  I haven't written the whole tie idea off, just not on this skirt.  The other thing I radically changed was the underskirt.  Because the fabric is so light, I had to have an underskirt but I didn't see why it needed to be as full as the pattern suggested.  I retained the shape but took out most of the fullness which on me gives a much more streamlined silhouette.

Would I use this pattern again?  Well, yes I would because I am really happy with the way it turned out but, really, how many versions of this skirt does one person need?  I haven't ruled out a frankenpattern yet though, so, watch this space!


  1. I sure hope you don't really repent making this wonderful skirt! It looks fabulous on you! Pity about the cuffed ties being left off, they are my favourite feature of the skirt...

  2. In the end I was really happy with the skirt especially the pockets. My concerns were with the volume on a small person which is why I left the ties off amongst other things. The ties will reappear at a later date, I am sure!


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