I don't know whether you noticed.....

in these two photos from the other day, that I am wearing a new top. 
I made this top using New Look 6870 and yet some more of the op shop fabric I wrote about here  This is the fourth piece I have made up from this haul.  I really like this top.  The fit is bang on.  My only complaint was the fabric.  It is a georgette type of mystery fabric that frays like you wouldn't believe.  Every time I work with it I vow, never again.  I think you will agree that the finished product was worth it.  The pattern comes with a tie at the back.  I am not usually partial to ties  but unfortunately given the shape of the blouse it would be difficult to get it sitting nicely without it, hence the tie stays.  Would I make this blouse again?  Definitely, although I am quite keen to try one of the other styles.


  1. That is a lovely blouse!

    So shocking to see the beautiful old cathedral in the background of this photo, and I remember seeing it on the news after the earthquake and thinking then what a terrible daily reminder this will be to the people of Christchurch. The loss of life was shocking and dreadful enough! The loss of irreplaceable history like this building is a tragedy too...

  2. Sadly, I don't think we will have much history left, but safety does have to come first. Thus far, the residents of the city have only seen the cathedral on tv and in the paper so it was quite sobering to see it in reality for the first time. My 7 year old painted a beautiful painting of this cathedral and sold it for charity. I will have to share!


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