Another Fabric Haul

Over the last week I haven't done any sewing because my poor machine was having an enforced holiday at the mechanics.  The tension had gone and apparently I had broken the plate beneath the presser foot....who new!  I borrowed my mothers machine to finish a project but I found that using someone elses machine was akin to driving someone elses simply didn't feel quite right. Anyho, a couple of days ago, I went to pick it up.  On the way I happened across another charity shop and the above stack of fabric.  Most of it is really winter fabric but that is okay, I have more than enough projects to keep me going for the remainder of the sunny season.  The best thing about all of this fabric was it only cost $2 per piece, regardless of the length...bargain!


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you make of these...
    thanks for your very sweet comment! and yes, those are my three children with me in that picture on the sofa!


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