A Saucy Number

My tomatoes are in full production at the moment and I find myself with more than I can eat so it is time to start pasta sauce production.  I reuse store bought pasta sauce or jam jars and these ones are approximate 900gm jars.

Pasta Sauce
2kg ripe tomatoes
1 onion
1 tub tomato paste
1/4 cup canola oil
1T sugar
2t salt
1 clove garlic
1t dried oregano
1t dried parsley flakes
1t dried basil
1/2t crushed chili
1t Worcestershire sauce
1 bay leaf
1/4c lemon juice

*  Skin tomatoes by placing in boiling water and then plunging into cold water

*  In a stockpot combine all ingredients and cook until pulpy.
I also add additional vegetables that I have on hand.  In this mixture there is also two large courgettes.  It is a great way to get extra vegetables into reluctant kids.

*  At the same time pop your jars without the lids in the oven on 150deg Celsius for 15 minutes

*  Once sauce is cooked blend with a stick mixer or food processor.  I find a stick mixer is easier.

*  Ladle hot mixture into hot jars, wiping any spillage off the rims and pop the screw lids on tightly.  Leave the jars of sauce to cool and seal.  You know when the jar has sealed because the lid will suck down and make a popping noise.  This can take several hours.  Label your jars and store for later use.


  1. My dad has a greenhouse ( we need those in the UK to grow tomatoes) and every year he grows far too many. Luckliy home made pasta sauce is the best ever !

  2. Another way to use up tomatoes is to blanch them and peel the skin off and then put on a baking sheet and freeze, once frozen pop them into ziplock bags. So handy to throw into soups or stews or whatever.

  3. I must remember the freeflow method because I am still using last years pasta sauce.


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