One Week One Pattern....Day 5

I have to say....the novelty of wearing the same pattern all week is starting to wear thin.  There is only so many combinations of a top and skirt/pants that you can wear in any week.  It is enough to drive any self respecting woman around the pole.  Even the cat thinks I am nuts! 

This particular version of New Look 6648, really hasn't been worn much.  This is probably due to it being made in spring and is actually made of a medium weight knit so more suitable to cooler weather.  I am quite partial to stripes and it is beautiful fabric so hopefully it will be worn more as the weather cools down.  Speaking of cools is grey and cool, quite a contrast to yesterday so I chose the third version from the top in the above picture for today's photo.  To mix this top up a bit, I made it with a round neck but narrowed the neck slightly from the versions I have shown earlier in the week.  My original post about this top is here  Today I am wearing it with black light weight jeans by Staxs that I recently ran in from bootleg jeans to skinny jeans as they were not getting a lot of use as bootleg.  I am also wearing ballet flats by Diesel.


  1. Oh dear, only 2 days ago you thought it was "all too easy"!
    I adore stripes too. This is a really cool top and I think it deserves a lot more outings.

  2. Edited to say, yes, it was all too easy but I guess I am more of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of dresser, not plan an entire week ahead.


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