I Must Stop Just For A While

I have popped into my favourite op shop for fabric hauls, once more.  My stash is now starting to get out of control to the point, I am running out of places to store it.  Soooo....I need to stay away until I have actually made up some or most of it.  I say need because this probably won't happen, but I will try, I promise!

This weeks haul includes two pieces of linen in chocolate and aqua plus two cotton prints that will be reserved for something next summer, along with a very thick piece of polar fleece that will be made into something for my boys and my favourite piece is a very large piece of heavy wool rib knit in a lovely soft grey.  I think I am most excited about the wool in this haul and am busy dreaming up possible designs for it.

My Mum has been thinning out her fabric stash as well, it is interesting how Mum's do that....clean out there cupboards into yours....or is it just my Mum.  Any ho, in this instance it is gratefully accepted.  This haul contains two very large pieces of cotton seersucker in rose pink and burgundy which I have seen around a lot this season.

I am looking forward to seeing what I can create out of this lot....now all I need is a little more time!

On a side note, I don't know whether you noticed the button to the side?  I am participating in a challenge over at Tilly and the Buttons called One Week One Pattern.  I wonder if you can figure out which pattern I will be choosing!


  1. I regret passing up some lovely fabrics from the op shop but if you have no room then that is very difficult . YOu do seem to have the knack of getting some awesome pieces though . Most of the fabric I see in opshops - well it is very obvious why it is there but occasionally come across some special pieces.

  2. Your stash is looking very very healthy! And as long as it is fabric that you love and would choose to buy anyway if you saw it in a fabric shop then there is no harm in buying up big. The op shops here in Perth are pretty horrible I think :(

  3. I must admit to still being a little op shop phobic and certainly have my standards. Even though the stuff is clean it still goes straight into the laundry for a good hot wash.


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