One Pattern One Week....Day 7

Bring on the fireworks, it is day 7 and the final day of the One Pattern, One Week challenge.  How have I found the challenge you ask?  It really has been quite easy, given that this pattern is so versatile.  The only down side really is, having to take my photograph daily.  I will be relieved not to have to do this tomorrow!  The only other thing I found challenging is having to plan ahead as to what I was going to wear each day.  I really am a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl where dressing is concerned.  Could I do a me made month....hmm, we will see!

For my final version of New Look 6648, I have chosen the fine black and white stripe version that I wrote about here  The stripes in this top are so fine that they were extremely difficult to photograph.  Again I have used the top version in the picture above but narrowed the neck slightly.  I have teamed the top with my white Jalie jeans that I wrote about here  and black ballet flats by Mam!zelle. 

I have been asked which is my favourite version and I have to say the leopard print one.  I am not sure why because usually animal prints aren't my thing but maybe that is the attraction.  Perhaps because the animal print is such a departure from my regular style that it challenges me.  I also especially like the drape of the leopard print fabric, it is rather lovely to wear.

Friday morning is my "in the classroom" morning and I followed this by a couple of errands and some sewing.  Not a bad way to finish the week, if I do say so myself.


  1. You've hit the nail on the head. Of course wearing the clothes IS the easy part, but taking the photos is definitely the bit that sorts out the wheat from the chaff, particularly if you choose to set yourself high standards.
    I have done four me-made months and blogged about just that same point each time. If you want to imagine what it is like, picture doing what you have just done... multiplied by four and a half... without a break.


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