One Pattern One Week Day....6

Yesterday, my kids were inadvertently caught in the middle of an armed defenders call out at school.  It was an extremely stressful day.  Today, I am aiming for a much quieter day.  After that, I would even settle for boring, thank you.  Today's plan is bill paying.  It really doesn't get more unexciting than that, I  think.

Today's version of New Look 6648, is the top version in the above picture.  Again I have made the sleeves both narrower and shorter and made the neck slightly smaller.  I originally posted about it here  It is made out of a dalmatian spot cotton Lycra.  Today's outfit is quite monochromatic, being black and white so I am wearing my new Mi Piaci ballet flats to inject a little colour. I have also teamed the top with black three quarter jeans that I ran in from wide leg pants to skinny pants.  These are yet another pair of pants that have gained new life with a small alteration and have been worn just about constantly since.


  1. I hope this day is quiet and peaceful. I am a white top aficionado, so I really love the top in white and with the wrap around belt. Gorgeous outfit all over.

  2. I love how all your tops look so different - I wouldn`t think it was the same pattern. I am not sure which is my favourite - they all look good - WHich is your favourite. ( ANd only one day to go !)

  3. I`m not sure what the armed defenders call out is - I hope it was not serious and no-one was hurt.

  4. My favourite top is the leopard print one. I am not sure why, but I just like it the best.

    Armed defenders are our armed special police. Thankfully no one was hurt, and the kids were certainly buzzing about their exciting day unlike their parents who no doubt needed a cup of tea and a lie down.

    1. I would think a gallon of wine might be more helpful than tea! Seriously though, glad it all worked out.

      Nice outfit, and what a gorgeous garden!

  5. This looks like a great pattern - stylish yet easy to wear for a mom's lifestyle. I should add it to my endless list of "make someday!" patterns ... and they are all different too. sorry about the excitement ... bet the kids thought it was fun though.

  6. Thanks for all you kind comments. Yes, a gallon of wine may have calmed the nerves, but it was only mid day, so probably a cup of tea may have been more suitable.


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