One Week One Pattern....Day 4

The weather this week has certainly made my combinations easy.  It is another beautiful day, a day to celebrate wearing shorts because the days of wearing them this summer are numbered.  Today I am wearing a "Barbie" coloured ensemble although that is where my similarity to Barbie ends other than the fact we are both middle aged women.  I have to say though Barbie is a good deal older than me and unlike Barbie , I haven't had any "PLASTIC"!  My older kids would be rolling their eyes and shaking their heads about now, but my youngest still thinks I am funny....long may it last!

I had a few errands to run today, and the dog always likes to tag along, although she is not too keen on being left outside the supermarket. 

Today, I am wearing the same version of New Look 6648 as yesterday, the top one but in pink, this time I have swapped the round neck for the v neck.  I wrote about this version here  I do find however that this v neck although looks nice, could do with being a little narrower across the shoulders.  You might also notice with this one that the sleeves are both narrower and shorter.

Today, I have teamed the pink top with white duck shorts which I made as a wearable muslin using New Look 6873 earlier in the season, and sandals by Clarks.  The bag in the top photo I wrote about here I am also wearing a pink shell necklace and matching toes.



  1. That is a nice top, and a stunning colour

  2. Like the colour and the sleeve on this one - really suits you!!!

  3. I'm so impressed - all your tops have looked fantastic. I'm really enjoying OWOP and I think I might have to purchase that pattern :)


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