A Pressing Matter

While not sewing much over the past week, I have been productive.  My daughter asked me over the summer holidays for a new desk.  While hers was functional for a laptop, a textbook was out of the question and with NCEA (major high school) exams looming later in the year, a decent sized desk was a necessity.  I trawled the remaining furniture shops around the city and came up with nothing.  Well actually, I would have had tons of choice if garish painted mdf was my bag.  I was determined to have solid timber but not something that looked more comfortable in a lawyers office.  When these unpainted pine ones came up, I was sold. The only problem was the one month delay while the thing was manufactured and shipped. 

It arrived eventually and sat in my lounge room for an entire fortnight before I had time to do anything with it.  Last week, I bit the bullet and after a coat of whitewash and some dark stain for the top I then covered it in a generous outer layer of polyurethane. My daughter now has a desk that is not only practical it is darn stylish if I do say so myself! 

Because I had poured so much effort into the finish of the desk, I didn't want it getting ruined with pen marks etc so I made a trip to Lincraft and bought some heavy weight clear plastic to cut into a desk pad.  She can go crazy with the whiteboard pens on the surface and it will wipe off with a cloth...perfect! 

My daughter likes her new desk so much  that even the TV was evicted!


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