February Wrap Up

Liberty Inspired Top
Fabric $2.00
Pattern (Used Before)
Total $2.00

Linen Skirt
Fabric $6.00
Lining/Zip $6.00
Pattern $4.00
Total $16.00

Vogue Top
Pattern  $8.00
Fabric $2.00
Total $10.00

Vogue Skirt
Fabric $12.00
Pattern (Used Before)
Lining $2.00
Zip $3.00
Total $17.00

February Total $45.00

I really can't pick a favourite for February because I love each item for different reasons.  I love both of the skirts because the fit is spot on and I really like the way linen falls.  I like the liberty inspired blouse because the fabric also drapes beautifully and I really like the colours in it.   As for the green top, well, it is just different and because it is simple it just goes with most things so has also been worn quite a bit. 

At the end of March, I will be a bit more proactive in my wrap ups, I promise.  February and March to date have just been a bit crazy!


  1. You have been very economical! I really like that green top, it reminds me of scrubs. And I love the scrubs look, comes from being married to a doctor, I guess! And, I wish I could send over some of our summer. We are expecting another week of 33C to 38C ... (sigh)

  2. Scrubs...oh dear! I am glad it is made of satin then because it has an element of bling to it.

    I would love a week of 33-38. The mercury hasn't even officially hit 30 deg once this year. Usually that happens regularly between November and March. Although, my weather station did read 30.5deg for a brief time a couple of weeks ago.


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