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Photo Courtesy of Kimberley's

I was inspired.  Well, as inspired as I can be about cool weather clothing at the moment.  I have had the odd rtw clothing catalogue arriving in my letter box of late and this top from Kimberley's caught my eye.  It is a little hard to see but the print is green and black hounds tooth. I am not sure of the label of the top because it doesn't say either on their website or in the catalogue.   Any ho, I had just the piece of fabric in my stash.  I bought it for $2m on a sale table earlier in the summer.  It isn't great quality which made it perfect for a wearable muslin.  This time using Vogue 8771. 

I didn't have a lot of faith in this pattern based on the reviews I had read which were very much mixed.  I also had made so many of New Look 6648 which I absolutely love and I knew it would be a hard act to follow.  Initially I cut out the longer scooped hem version but after making it up realised I really didn't like it and it hung somewhat like a sack.  So, I whipped out the scissors and cut the bottom off....ahh much better.  The other change I made to the pattern was the addition of a neck band.  One of the criticisms I had read was the size of the neck and I really wasn't fond of the over lock and turn method in the pattern so added a small neck band which proved to be both neater and more stable on my very thin knit.

I really didn't enjoy making this top up.  I am not sure if that was because of the cheap fabric I was using or because I wasn't hopeful of a positive outcome, but once it was completed I came to realise that actually I do quite like it.  The dolman is sufficiently small, that I can wear a layer over the top when the weather cools down and the sleeves are a practical width at the cuffs.  I was trying to decide whether I would make it up again at a later date when I visited Fabric Vision and the lady behind the counter admired it.  That was it....there will be a repeat version after all!


  1. I really like this top including the shade of green. Looks great with the dark denim I haven't noticed this pattern before but it has a really nice line.

  2. That pattern does have a lovely drape to it.

  3. I've looked at this pattern often too and really love your version! I think I'll need to buy it after all. Great work.


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