January Wrap Up

Denim Skirt
Denim (Op Shop)                   $ 2.00
Pattern (Used Before)               0.00     
                                                    $ 2.00

Courteney's Dress
Fabric/zip                                $30.00
Pattern (Used Before)                0.00

Racer Back Dress
Pattern                                      $10.00
Fabric                                             2.00
Zip                                                   7.00

Lace Cowl Top
Fabric                                         $ 2.00
Pattern (Used Before)                0.00
                                                     $ 2.00

Teal Tee
Pattern                                       $ 4.00
Fabric                                         $ 2.00
                                                     $ 6.00

January Grand Total      $29.00

(Please excuse the formatting above.  It looked perfect in my draft but do you think I can get it to look right published!)

For the record, my favourite out of all of the above would have to be the racer back dress.  This dress has been worn as much as our non existent summer would allow and I know it will be my go to casual dress next summer.  


  1. Woo you've been busy! Love the racer back dress, I've seen it around a few times and keep on getting more tempted to buy the pattern. Can see why it will be your go to dress for next summer.


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