The Evolution Of The Jalie Jacket (part three)

Remember how I said that my daughter thought that the college inspired Jalie jacket I made my youngest wasn't authentic enough and in her words "I can do better" (competition is alive and well in my house)?  Anyho, no sooner had I finished my version than I found my daughter trawling through my fabric stash and she came up with some lovely red cotton fleece that was left over from some sweatshirts I made her as a baby....I know, I do keep fabric for a r..e...a..l..l..y  l..o..n..g time!  The white fleece on the sleeves was left over from my Jalie Hoodie that I wrote about here and the royal blue was rescued from a tee shirt in the recycled clothing bag.  The snaps were from my nappy making days, oh and the felt for the letters were part of her craft collection.

My daughter drafted up Jalie 2795 in size 10, which proved to be a much better size on her size 8 brother.  She added 2cm to the centre front and cut a facing out of the red.  The only part of the project I helped her with was the applique letter on the front.  I did the stitching because she just wasn't confident enough to go it alone and given unpicking was not an option, I can't say I blame her. 

Both my daughter and my son, were very pleased with the final results and the project proved to be a great time filler on an otherwise quiet Easter Sunday, when the shops and everything else was closed.  Now my older, teenage son has his order in.....the ultimate compliment!


  1. Very cool. I'm blown away by the amount of fleece you had in your stash!

  2. Your daughter has done an awesome job - can't wait to see the next version.


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